Our Town


The town was originally settled in 1761 and until 1779 was known as New Breton. It was named after Cape Breton as a result of the Siege of Louisbourg (1745), in which many townspeople fought. Then it was known as the East Andover Plantation, which was settled in 1789 by Ezekiel Merrill from Andover, Massachusetts. It was purchased from Massachusetts by Samuel Johnson and Jonathan Stevens, Sr. from Andover, MA in 1791, the year Colonel Thomas Poor built the first mills at the falls. The town was incorporated on June 23, 1804 as East Andover, renamed Andover in 1820 when Maine separated from Massachusetts.
Early occupations included agriculture and lumbering. As the town developed, factories made doors, sash, blinds, starch, cheese, boots and shoes, edge-tools, carriages and harness. It also had a tannery. Located on an intervale surrounded by mountains, Andover was noted for “its grand and beautiful scenery,” with streams abounding in trout. After the Civil War, the town became a popular destination for sportsmen, especially fishermen attracted by the nearby Richardson Lakes. A hotel was built to accommodate the influx of tourists.
In 1960, Andover was selected to be site of the Andover Earth Station, completed in 1962. It was the location of the first live transatlantic television signal broadcast by satellite Telstar 1.

Andover Public Library